Company introduction

 Company focuses on information systems, robotics and artificial intelligence products and services, providing customers with a variety of solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

Product Introduction-IT Server

     IT server NVIDIA H100 and A100 are high-performance computing cards designed specifically for high-performance computing and data center applications. At present, major companies are training and developing their own large models. In the future, large models will become the competitiveness of major enterprises.

     Therefore, computing power is a key factor for major companies to take the lead in model development. Price is an important consideration, but performance is equally important. Therefore, when choosing a server, you need to analyze its price and performance to find the best price/performance ratio.

     These two servers, in the life science track, quantum chemistry track, fluid mechanics track, materials science track and atmospheric science track, etc., allow scientists and researchers to process and analyze complex data more quickly, accelerating science The research process promotes the development of related fields.

      It has shown great potential and broad prospects in social networking, game artificial intelligence, corporate finance, autonomous vehicle driving, large model training and development, and various scientific fields. More powerful computing power will promote technological innovation and progress, leading a new trend in technological development.

We will continue to provide you with the best quality GPU server information and products.

Cloud data center

      It is planned to build a comprehensive park with a large-scale cloud data center as its core business, covering an area of about 200,000 square meters, and a planned professional data center computer room area of 100,000 square meters. After completion, an open cloud storage industry agglomeration service platform will be built.


    It adopts leading computer room design solutions and has strong computer room deployment capabilities. It relies on years of operational experience to ensure the stability of user computer rooms.


    The infrastructure equipment and facilities are all from first-tier brand suppliers, and the high-standard computer room grade ensures the safe operation of the data center.


     The professional operation and maintenance team has many years of experience in data center operations, and the professional operation and maintenance system ensures that the data center has high reliability.

Smart Factory

      Smart Factory Orientation Industry Company takes leading the nation’s smart manufacturing as its mission and helps manufacturing companies realize Industry 4.0-level smart factories. It mainly covers automated production in the fields of food and medicine, agriculture, automobiles, 3C, home appliances, new energy, metal products, health products and other fields. Industrial companies in this direction possess the latest technologies for smart factories, especially cutting-edge technologies such as MES systems, warehousing and logistics, intelligent vision, special motors, intelligent special equipment, special welding, grinding and polishing, and high-speed wireless transmission, and have comprehensive development capabilities for smart factories.

The medical and health care robot

The medical and health care robot industry company focuses on the field of general health, builds a smart medical and health care platform, and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the medical field. Create a high-end medical equipment research and development, production and sales system with medical care and health care as the core; invest in, build and operate smart hospitals and nursing homes to promote the healthy development of the industry and meet multi-level and diverse social needs.

The special robot

Focusing on the application needs of robots in complex and special environments, the special robot direction industry company provides professional robot products and solutions suitable for land, sea and air application scenarios to help public safety. The main products include explosive disposal robots, firefighting robots, drones and intelligent security inspection robots. By researching and developing special robot bodies, developing and integrating advanced application loads, and providing intelligent solutions, we provide efficient and powerful support for the intelligent construct