Centrifuge Ecleum extract Centrifuge

• Capacity: 300 liters/watch

• speed: 1500r/min

• Material: SUS304

• size: 1300*1000*1050 mm

This machine uses centrifuges to separate the composition of liquids and solids or between liquids. It can be used to soak the raw materials without the need to differentiate after extraction based on the regular extraction method. The extraction is effective and reduces the cost per round. Machines are able to pack the raw materials to extract at about 20 KG.



The key to the machine

  1. Tank support:

    The unit comes with a 3 layer secure rotary motor, works both insemination and filtering.

  2. Come with cooling storage system:
    The main motor is used by lubricant and cold bearing, and has been able to withstand the cold when eCO is running at low temperatures to -60 FC while also has a coolant insulation system on the tank. Designed with a 3-layer layer of fiberglass insulation (1-2 cm thickness) to keep EMESH cold to consistently low temperature.
  3. The machine is activated by the cover on top. It is equipped with both the primary feeding compartments for clear view mirrors inside the chrome plated slot and the water reservoir.
  4. Comes explosive protection:
    On the top lid of the device there is a gas dispenser installed which can cause harmful pressure. Our advantage here is to use electrostatic converters to prevent explosives and electrical parts from being controlled by the control panel and the outer control box.
  5. The unit is equipped with an electrical frequency converter for smooth and continuous use, and comes with a reliable quality brake system.
  6. The PLC comes with a Touch Screen system and has a variety of functional controls from start to end such as the hardware removal program, low-speed programming, forward and reverse program, high-speed program.



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